We produce agriculture twines; baler, binder, sack bag, greenhouse; ropes, irrigation systems, irrigation pipes and related types of equipment for 60 years as Ates Group. We dominate the Turkish market.And we are one the best of the world. Our main target is to establish communication channels, to response the expectation of our customers by taking the quality and customer satisfaction into the consideration. The first of our warehouse in Tire is based on 15.000 square meters. The second of our warehouse in Izmir is based on 5.000 square meters.The third of our warehouse in Bursa is based on 3.000 square meter, the fourth of our warehouse in Ankara is based on 1.500 square meter, the one of our factory in Bayindir is based on 14.000m2 with 350 employees, the other of our Drip Irrigation factory in Tire Organized Industrial Zone is based on 10000m2 with 50 employees We've always been innovators and pioneers in the Turkish market. We are the oldest and biggest manufacturer of agriculture twines, baler, binder, sack bag, greenhouse twines. We give very big importance to searching and developing. So we extend our capacity and quality every year. However, we added a factory for manufacturing irrigation systems, pipes, and related types of equipment. So we also manufacture irrigation systems, pipes, and related types of equipment. With the experience of many years, our products are among the best either in Turkey or many countries in abroad. Our products are already exported to Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and to most of the Arabic speaking countries

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